About Us

Custom software solutions and full stack software development. Angular, Flutter, Java, JavaS, Amazon Comprehend, Dart, React, Bootstrap.

Falkonsoft is an organisation consisting of a group of professionals, enthusiasts, long term colleagues and above all life time friends that have decided to set up a technological venture focusing on developing software products and software services.

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Falkonsoft brings system architects, software engineers, programmers, database administrators, project managers, client managers, marketing specialists and graphic designers together all sharing the same entrepreneurial spirit.

Our clients are a big part of our team as for the each project we deliver to each of our clients, we embrace them with open arms, huge smile and we get them involved in every stage of the project lifecycle, keeping them well informed, care-free and confident in a result.

Our motto

We believe that fostering a creative, open minded, friendly and stress free environment brings out the highest professional in everyone, each in their own area of expertise. We have our brothers and sisters by code all over the world, we collaborate across the globe and we deliver software products and services locally. We are flexible, responsive, detail oriented, client focused team, able to listen, understand and connect with do and deliver attitude.


Our team of experts has delivered over 35 large-scale IT projects ranging from design and development of Information Systems (ERP, CRM, Document management) across different industries (telecommunications, energy, construction…) to delivering outsourcing services by 3rd party system maintenance and development of customized web applications tailor made to specific niche client requirements in the health and wellness industry.

Contact us to discuss your project needs, define requirements and ensure a speedy and reliable delivery of your software solution